Tethered hot air balloon operations billed one of two methods.  One way to cover the costs of hot air balloon tethers occurs with our flat-rate pricing, where one price covers the entire operation.  Flat-Rate hot air balloon tether pricing works well for corporate outings, promotional events, team building exercises, sponsored events and pretty much any outdoor event providing balloon rides at no or low costs to guests.
The per-person balloon tethered rides fit well for events wishing to cover the fixed setup costs and allow each of the event’s guests to pay a small nominal fee to ride in a hot air balloon.  Optionally, the per-person tethered hot air balloon rides fees adjust based on the event and customers’ input.  A 50% deposit required for setup and guarantee of appearance and includes our Dayton/Cincinnati tethered balloon ride back-up plan!  The tethered balloon flight operations are weather permitting.
All tethered balloon events quoted with a minimum two-hour contract.  the two hours represents actual tether time, the additional time required for setup and pack up purposes remain non-billable, it’s part of doing the job correctly, in exchange we require the minimum of two tether-able hours to defray the setup and pack up costs.  Tether operations of more than two hours reduce the hourly rate.