Hot air balloons are much bigger than people realize.  Balloons come in different sizes from a one-person balloon to as large as a 12 passenger hot air balloons serving from Maine to Maryland.  For hot air balloon tether operations, we operate several different models, starting from the small 2-3 passenger-per-hop hot air balloon, which holds 69,000 cu. ft. of volume.  The next two hot air balloon models feature the medium or medium+, capable of carrying 4-5 guests per hop and range from 105,000 to 120,000 cu. ft. of heated sail-boat fuel.  Our large model, 160,000 cu. ft. hot air balloon, capable of 6-8 guests per hop tethers in the calmest of wind conditions.

For hot air balloon tethers, we recommend an area about the size of half a football field or 300 feet by 300 feet. The area must be clear of any obstacles of any kind. Hazards & powerlines should be at least 500′ away from the center of the tether area. Support vehicles must be able to drive the property.