We represent you/your event and still be on site!  We will NOT take chances with peoples lives in the event of inclement weather.  In fact, not one injury occurred with us for over 35 years of safe balloon flight operations.   We hate to disappoint someone but we refuse to hurt anyone.  Our balloon pilots and support crews are true professionals.  If the day comes and weather precludes a safe flight operation our teams arrive on site with all the equipment for the contracted time of the tether with our Balloon tether back up plan.  What’s a back-up plan?  On display comes our exclusive wind-proof backdrop along with the balloon equipment, answer questions, let people get into the balloon basket and take photos and generate goodwill for your event as well as take the time to inform and educate the public about hot air balloons.  The disappointment fades soon when you receive feedback response from your guests about the informative and professionalism on site!  Understand this,  We can not guarantee the weather and will not take chances with the safety of your guests or our equipment!