Hot Air Balloons designed to FLY!  Hot Air Balloons used for balloon rides not designed to be held in place. Restraining a hot air balloon in its place generates many great (kinetic) forces on the structure of the aircraft that greatly stress the balloon, subsequently shortening its usable life.  One hour of tether time on a hot air balloon is generally equivalent to 2.5 to 3 hours of normal wear on the aircraft as if it were in normal flight operations.  That same aircraft used in normal flight operations generates around double to triple in passenger revenue.  Since tethered balloon operations emit 2.5 to 3 times wear and tear on the balloons we should be charging about $1850 to $2220 per hour for a tether.  The only reason we can charge less is because of the deposit.  We both take a chance on the weather.  If every contracted tether operation proceeded as planned we would have to charge more for the operation.  But since the weather does not always cooperate we can offset some of the price with the non-refundable deposit.