Winds are the most crucial part of a tethered balloon operation. The best way we have found over the years to explain how a balloon will react in wind is this…. Take a kite out on a day when the wind is blowing about 10 to 12 MPH.  You can very easily fly the kite. In fact, the kite will produce enough pulling force to lift the weight of the kite and string and still produce an extra 3 to 4 pounds of pulling force on your arm.  A kite is one square yard of fabric.  A Hot Air Balloon is more than 1400 square yards of fabric and can cave in when blown upon creating a concave depression in the side of the balloon catching even more of the wind creating a sail effect.  The balloon in the same winds can create around 4 to 6 THOUSAND pounds of pulling force.  Enough force to drag a couple of pickup trucks like a two-year-old child pulling a Tonka truck.  If the wind becomes gusty at any time these forces can be greatly increased creating a  serious and potentially life-threatening situation.  On all of our tethered operations, the Pilot In Command has the final and undisputed authority.

The Pilots decision is FINAL!